Welcome to my website!

I'm Orsolics Zeno and this is my ZNO design page. I am a graduate assistant, coach and amateur artist.k


I was born in 1976 in Hungary, Budapest, as a middle child. My mother is a dental assistant, my father chose the military and received the rank of lieutenant-colonel. My grandparents were farmers in Somogy and Bács-Kiskun county. In my youth I had a lot of trouble. I had no harmonious adolescence. Despite my parents’ efforts, they didn`t understand me as a kid. That's why I quickly went down the wrong path and found myself as a drug addict. My life came to a dead end in 1998 because of excessive alcohol and drug consumption. It was necessary to look myself in the mirror and follow a new direction.

absztrakt festmeny 01

absztrakt festmeny 02

After this realization followed the making of new goals and plans. I noticed that working with people and art has always been interesting for me. So I became a social worker/helper and an amateur artist. For 18 years now, I've been helping adults and adolescents who come to me and painting for a hobby. I think it's one of my resources as a social worker that I was once so low myself where I experienced such a decline and need. I get inspiration from my past and from the present in my art. I work on large canvases, mostly with acrylic paints. I like to express with my paintings what I am not capable of with words.

At the age of 42 I am married, and the father of 3 children. I love my profession and I am at peace with myself.

If my paintings have caught your interest, then you can buy them from me.

With your purchase you do not only support me, but a Foundation for Young Drug Addicts.

I will send 10% of the price immediately to the Foundation. I will send you the certificate of your donation.


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